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The story so far

By: Carlyle Roger | 08 Sep 2017

Carlyle Rogers provides a comprehensive update on legislative developments and related issues facing Anguilla’s offshore sector.

The beat of the drum

By: Derek Sambrook | 08 Sep 2017

As Colombia anticipates a new government and the prospect of lasting peace, Derek Sambrook finds a complex
country can be better understood through literature.

Tall poppies

By: Terry Dwyer | 08 Sep 2017

Terry Dwyer surveys Australia’s international tax developments over the past 12 months, explains the country’s position on the CRS and FATCA, and highlights inconsistencies in the tax law generally.

Temperatures rising

By: Urs Stirnimann | 08 Sep 2017

Urs Stirnimann rounds up the latest news from the Gulf States, from Qatar’s newfound isolation to the arrival of foundations in Abu Dhabi and FinTech in Dubai.

Happy families?

By: Patricia Woo | 08 Sep 2017

Patricia Woo explains some of the challenges facing so-called spiritual capital and the family office.

Passing the test

By: Alison Dyer-Fagundo And Serena Tremlett | 08 Sep 2017

Alison Dyer-Fagundo and Serena Tremlett describe the increasingly important role of the listing sponsor, or listing agent, in offshore finance.

Like thunder out of China

By: George C. Economou | 08 Sep 2017

After centuries in relative obscurity, Chinese shipping is once again set to dominate the world’s trade. George C. Economou reports on the rising phenomenon and its implications.

Russian Roulette

By: Olga Boltenko | 08 Sep 2017

Olga Boltenko of CMS Hong Kong discusses what the future holds for investment law in Russia.

Blockchain: Agents of disruption

By: Marcus Killick | 31 Aug 2017

Marcus Killick explains Gibraltar’s central role in leading the global blockchain revolution.

Latin Letter: Summertime blues

By: Derek Sambrook Is Managing Director Of Trust Services S.A., Panama | 24 Jul 2017

Derek Sambrook explains why the two giants of Latin America – Mexico and Brazil – have reasons to be glum at a time of much uncertainty for the region.

Cuba: Fine to stormy

By: Ivan Sacks Is Global Chairman Of Withers Worldwide And Josefina Colomar Is A Private Client Associate In Withers Worldwide’s New York Office | 24 Jul 2017

Cuba finds itself launching a huge programme of foreign investment just as the Trump administration imposes renewed sanctions on the country. Ivan Sacks and Josefina Colomar of Withers Bergman untangle the current complex challenges facing Cuba, and explain the significance of the new legislation for FDI.

Plain sailing

By: Laura Sherman | 24 Jul 2017

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is not only home to one of the world’s largest shipping registries, but is also a popular choice for corporate entities seeking a safe, simple and low-cost jurisdiction. Laura Sherman reports.

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