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Cayman Islands and UK gov’ts streamline beneficial ownership dealings

By: Gary Robinson | 13 Apr 2017

The Cayman Islands government’s plans to “enhance its existing arrangements” with the UK government, on the exchange of beneficial ownership information in relation to Cayman Islands companies have been published.…

Panama Conference: the big issues

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 16 Mar 2017

The 6th Offshore Investment Conference took place in Panama on March 8th and 9th 2017 at the Hilton, Panama City. Topics ranged from sector reform to the family office, via…

Panama points way to trust

By: Jonathan Boyd | 28 Feb 2017

Offshore Investment will be hosting the 6th Offshore Investment Conference Panama on 8-9 March, with a key theme being the restoration of trust and credibility amid ongoing significant fiscal reforms…

Brazil – microeconomic measures

By: Iure Pontes Vieira, Attorney-at-Law, Pontes Vieira Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil | 24 Feb 2017

Iure Pontes Vieira outlines the Brazilian Central Bank’s package of reforms aimed at kick-starting the economy and simplifying payments.

Journey into darkness

By: Derek Sambrook, FIB(SA), TEP, Managing Director, Trust Services, S.A., Panama | 24 Feb 2017

With the new administration in the White House, politics and policies are on the verge of taking a new course across the region. Derek
Sambrook wonders if the American eagle will ever fly the same again.

Erupting Volcano – political changes in the Americas

By: Derek Sambrook, FIB(SA), TEP, Managing Director, Trust Services, S.A., Panama | 10 Jan 2017

Will Latin America become eventually disillusioned about democracy after the debacle that was the US presidential election? Derek Sambrook considers the reasons why it should not and compares the roads ahead for the Americas.

Major end-of-year changes in Brazil

By: Fabiano Deffenti, Attorney At Law, Deffenti E Queiroz Avogados, São Paulo, Brazil | 10 Jan 2017

Fabiano Deffenti looks back at Brazil’s political achievements in 2016 and the plans in hand to improve the country’s economy in 2017.

What makes The Bahamas the jurisdiction of choice for international financial services?

By: Tanya McCartney, CEO And Executive Director, Bahamas Financial Services Board | 10 Jan 2017

Regulation, Expertise, Innovation and Location are the pillars of financial services in
The Bahamas. Tanya McCartney discusses the compelling reasons why The Bahamas
continues to provide superior financial products and a world class client experience.

Demonstrable compliance and unilateral actions – a St Vincent and the Grenadines perspective

By: Sharda Bollers, Executive Director, Financial Services Authority, St Vincent And The Grenadines | 10 Jan 2017

Sharda Bollers reveals the challenges faced by SVG in retaining its position as a
reliable and responsible player in the world of IFCs in the face of increasing
regulatory and compliance demands.

From Bad to Verse

By: Derek Sambrook, FIB(SA), TEP, Managing Director, Trust Services, S.A., Panama | 10 Dec 2016

Nicaragua has longed for a canal to rival the one in Panama. After decades
of deliberation, Derek Sambrook looks at the latest developments in the dream becoming a reality.

An analysis of Anguilla’s banking crisis

By: Carlyle Rogers, The Stafford Group Of Companies, Anguilla | 04 Nov 2016

Carlyle Rogers analyses the crisis that finally engulfed Anguilla’s two main banks in 2013 and looks at the lessons learned.

Changes to the Brazilian National Register Of Legal Entities (CNPJ) – beneficial owners now required to be named

By: Fabiano Deffenti, Attorney At Law, Deffenti E Queiroz Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil | 03 Aug 2016

Following the global trend, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Department new rules regarding the National Register of Legal Entities which provide among other things, the need to disclose beneficial owners of foreign and domestic entities operating in Brazil.  Fabiano examines the new legislation.

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