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Where it’s at

By: Friedrich Schwank | 26 Jun 2017

Friedrich Schwank assesses what makes Austria such a winning country for foreign investment, and how its multitude of bilateral treaties benefit the economy.

Winds of change

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 26 Jun 2017

The eighth Offshore Investment Conference opened in Hong Kong on 14 June with a warning that the international finance industry faces ever more intrusive levels of regulation. Christopher Copper-Ind selects
highlights from the two-day event at the Conrad, Central.

The road to ruin

By: Derek Sambrook | 26 Jun 2017

Derek Sambrook surveys the wreckage of Venezuela’s ruinous economic policies, and struggles to see cause for optimism.

Rising tide

By: Randall Krebs | 26 Jun 2017

Randall Krebs outlines Bermuda’s recent business and investment fund innovations.

UCITS, AIFs and beyond

By: Eduard Von Kymmel | 26 Jun 2017

Liechtenstein provides various advantageous possibilities and structures for fund managers, either within the framework of the UCITS or AIFM Directive respectively through its local fund laws. By means of its EEA membership, full access to the EU single market can be granted if required. Eduard von Kymmel explains.

Island of stability

By: Dominic Wheatley | 26 Jun 2017

Stability and innovation remain front and centre as the key drivers for Guernsey’s financial services sector, writes Dominic Wheatley.

To cut and contrive

By: Trevor Carmichael | 26 Jun 2017

Trevor Carmichael explains recent changes to Barbados’ myriad tax treaties, and describes some of the benefits they provide.

On liberty

By: Paolo Panico | 26 Jun 2017

Paolo Panico warns of the potentially damaging consequences of public beneficial ownership registers.

Cyber insecurity

By: Andrew Bodnar | 26 Jun 2017

Since 2008, when what is now known as blockchain technology was first described, interest in virtual currencies has grown exponentially, and they are an increasingly established part of the global financial system. But what happens when they are abused by the dishonest? Andrew Bodnar reports.

Why Dubai?

By: Urs Stirnimann | 26 Jun 2017

Urs Stirnimann sets out the legal landscape of one of the world’s great offshore success stories.

What next?

By: James Quarmby | 26 Jun 2017

An unexpected outcome to an unnecessary election has given renewed hopes of a less damaging withdrawal from the EU for the British economy. James Quarmby looks at the likely consequences for taxes in the UK.

In this month’s issue

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 22 Jun 2017

The June 2017 issue of Offshore Investment is out now, and includes a special report on cyber-security. Andrew Bodnar asks what happens when virtual currencies are abused by criminals. Elsewhere…

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